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Installation Guide 💡

So - you just bought or you are thinking of buying a Neon sign - but unsure about the stresses of putting it together? Well look no further than Verve House. One of the benefits of ordering with us is that all of our signs come fully assembled (unless otherwise stated of course), this means you can focus on everything else in your life and leave the assembly and set up to us. 

Your box will come looking something like the following image.... 

Of course if you have an experienced person to help you mount the sign to the wall - that would be great, but otherwise, there are simple and easy ways to have this up in minutes.  

To begin, double check your package has the following:

  • Your respective sign (matched in the style you requested)
  • Mounted / Hanging Holes on the sign
  • Cable (dependant on request, could be black, multi colored or transparent)
  • Transformer / Receiver 
  • Power Adapter
  • Installation accessories like screws / chains / hooks (options)
  • Dimmer / Remote (If ordered)

Should you not have access to a neon assemblyman we're happy to help you find an electrician in your area!

Please contact our Service Team live chat (bottom right of your screen), by email via if you require any assistance on this. 

Mounting Your Sign

Mounting is near enough the same process regardless of which sign you purchased, albeit Invisible backing must be handled with more care than cut to shape or square backing, which is more durable in this regard. 

Generally there are 3 types of mounting 

- Wire rope

- Screw Fixing (most popular)

- Bracket

As a default, we provide screw fixing for hanging, due to it being the most popular solution. Please let us know if you would like wire rope or bracket fixing with your sign. 


Plug, Turn On & Enjoy!

Because almost all Neon signs come with backing attached, so, all that needs to be done is for the sign to be mounted and drilled to the wall.  No other further installation is required. Once up on the wall, all you need to do is plug it in and use the switch to turn it on!